Relaxation Therapy

relax-therapy“Learning to relax, is the gateway to improved quality of life.” Discover the new dimension of relaxation with BrainLight®. It is the newest German technology for deep relaxation, motivation, better concentration, resistance to stress and other long term effects with regular use.

In daily life your brain is dominated by beta waves measurable by EEG (Electroencephalogram).

The different visualization programs of the BrainLight® Synchros stimulates the brain to produce alfa, delta and theta waves.

Alfa waves are a sign of receptiveness, memory power, creativity, imagination and intuition.

Each session is programmed to produce optical patterns and acoustic signals in stimulating sequences which are transmitted through headphones and googles. Certain frequencies are set and the brain is able to align to these frequencies spontaneously. You will experience yourself in a new intense way. You will be guided into an unimagined new world by a sensual symphony of light, voice and sound.

Available in single sessions, as an ad-on to any facial or packages of 5 or more.

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