Massage Therapy and Energy Work

Swedish Massage

Applying soft flowing strokes of a full body massage, you will experience immediate stress relief through your entire being as well as a fine-tuning of the body’s internal systems. (50 minutes-$60)

Therapeutic Massage

Applying deep pressure to specific muscle tissue will open and release your tension-which will result in advance (50 minutes-$80)

Hot Stone Therapy

Smooth, heated crystal stones are placed on specific acupressure points on your back, shoulder and neck to melt away knots, tension and stress. What’s more, it helps relieve pain, while promoting harmony, balanced and a sensation of peace of mind. (50 minutes- $80)


One of our Chinese healing therapies, Reflexology works on certain reflexes in the feet corresponding with the body’s organs and systems. By applying specific pressure to those reflexes we can assist in bringing the body back to homeostasis and balance. (50 minutes-$75)


Reiki is an oriental healing technique used to bring balanced to your chakras and facilitating healing to your organs. Also it reduces stress, energizes body systems on levels that promote health, wholeness, cleared chakras, clarity and balance. (50 minutes- $75)


You can combine with any massage, the use of fragrant oils such as jasmine or lavender. The fragrances will linger in the memory cells long after the massage is complete renewing your mind, body and spirit.

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